TSO Mobile is an innovative leader in Mobile Resource Management and logistics products and services. With a variety of simple solutions all under one roof, riders can have a pleasant public transportation experience every time. You can view product demonstrations and learn more about TSO Mobile’s powerful solutions on October 8-11, 2017 at booth 1714 at the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) Annual Meeting & EXPO, public transit’s premier showcase of technology, products and services. Read more…

TSO Public Transportation. All Under-One-Roof Solutions.

  • GPS Tracking & Fleet Management Tools
  • APC-Automated Passenger Counter
  • MDVR – Video Verification
  • AVAS – Audio Visual Announcer System
  • OBAS-On-Board Advertisement Solution
  • Mobile Applications
  • Real Time Alerts & Reports

Increase Security

Increase Productivity

Improve Dispatching

Reduce Operation Costs

Save Money on Fuel

Better Customer Service

TSO Benefits

Fleet Efficiency

Our fleet management tools together with our scheduling and routing modules will help your dispatching run smooth and more efficiently.

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Operational Costs

By monitoring speed, idling, and other fuel consumption activities; You will be able to keep control and only spend the necessary. Quickly . Monitor your drivers and make sure they are performing how they are supposed to.

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Security First

Monitor unsafe behaviors such as speeding. We give you tools to improve
performance and reduce liability risk. Keep your drivers, passengers and everyone on the road safe. Get the full picture of any event by adding Video Verification

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Real Time Alerts & Reports

A broad array of user defined reports provides management with precise tools for key decision making. Keep a closer look on your vehicles & drivers.

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Passenger Centered Solutions

Passengers can access real-time vehicle location and route
information from any Apple or Android or web device. ETAs can also be requested by telephone or text for those without a smart phone or internet access.

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TSO Features

real-time-gps-trackingREAL TIME GPS TRACKING

  • Know where your vehicles are at all
  • Track your fleet online and in real-time.
  • Location updates as frequent as you

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  • View in the map a trail showing the history of the locations where a vehicle has been from any date range.

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  • TSO Mobile GPS applications for iOS and Android devices let you keep easy tabs on your vehicles any time of the day while on the go.

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  • Create email alerts for immediate speed or geofence breach notification.
  • Send alerts to any number of email accounts.
  • Use the optional panic button to trigger high-priority cell phone or email alerts.

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  • Create valuable markers on the map to indicate POI’s, locations or Geofences (imaginary boundaries on the map).
  • Get alerted when your vehicles get in or out of them.

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  • Increase productivity by automating
    tasks and processes through our scheduling and routing capabilities.
  • With our e-Sign-in feature identify your drivers, the vehicle they are using and the trip they are assigned.

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Customer Reviews

“This System Works GREAT!!!! Our Agency has used it now for four years on all the city trolleys and we have no problems with it at all! Thank you!”

“Just wanted to say excellent product and fantastic staff. Our agency has grown over the years and lots of it is thanks to this system. This product is truly excellent and I can’t thank TSO Mobile enough for always going above and beyond to help.”