Mapping Module

It is all about “Real-Time”. Knowing where your vehicles are at the exact same time that you are looking at the map is priceless.

  • We give you a high level of reliability by using Google maps
  • Location updates are every 10 seconds plus turn by turn
  • Also, we let you see your vehicles’ historical location traced on the map as one of the many monitoring options we offer

Reports & Analytics

Access reports and generate analytics to keep your fleet statics on point. Being able to analyze what is going on by reading reports with the results of various activities is a must!

  • Pull up analytical reports
  • Activities and speeding reports
  • Idles and inputs reports, time-sheets reports, and more!

Landmarks & Geofences

Create imaginary fences of any geometrical shape around a specific location to get alerted when your vehicles get in or out of them.

  • Receive alerts via email or text when vehicles enter or exit important locations
  • Create virtual boundaries on the map also known as Geofences – Client location, school or employee’s home

Live Alerts

Receive real-time alerts via email or text messages right when your vehicles perform critical activities.

  • Create custom alert settings for different users
  • Receive immediate alerts, hourly, and even daily summaries
  • Some important driving alerts include: Speeding, harsh breaking, rapid acceleration, excessive idling, device tampering, among many others

Mobile Apps

Being able to have all your fleet listed in your mobile device in one single screen gives you better on-the-go real-time control of the whereabouts of your vehicles and drivers.

  • Download our mobile apps on any Apple or Android mobile device
  • Apps for basic and advanced tracking are available
  • Access all your fleet of vehicle’s location information from one single screen

Historical Locations


View the historical locations of your vehicles with detailed traced activity by activity on the map.

  • Maximize productivity by seeing routes adherence
  • Improve passenger satisfaction by monitoring visited stops
  • View step by step, activity by activity through the whole trail on the map


Our application allows you to have multiple users (at no additional cost).

  • Choose what permission level users have and control what they can see or edit within the system
  • Improve monitoring of specific tasks