Increase Productivity

Get tasks done faster and more pro-actively. Monitor your fleet and make sure everything is performing up to your standards.

  • Keep track of the actual hours your employees work
  • Monitor your loved ones at all times using our GPS tracking system
  • Receive daily reports to improve your business

Reduce Operation Costs

Our GPS vehicle tracking system provides you with all the tools you need to keep a close eye at every single part of your business and fleet so everything can run smoothly, with low operational costs, and security.

  • Stop calling your drivers to get their location
  • Instantly identify vehicles driven outside of your defined working hours
  • Use your tracking device to cut down on idling

Cut Fuel Waste

Excessive fuel use is a drag on your company’s profits. By monitoring speeding, idling, and more fuel consumption activities you will be able to keep control so you spend just the necessary.

  • Use your vehicle GPS to identify drivers with the highest rates of idling
  • Monitor speeding
  • Improve the efficiency on route for your vehicles

Better Customer Service

Keep your fleet on time and productive with location tracking and the PT Driver App.

  • Let your drivers know important information prior to arrival
  • Your vehicle GPS allows you to quickly resolve conflicts over service times
  • Give customers more accurate arrival estimates
  • Let drivers stay efficient, hassle free, and focused on their job

Reduce Insurance Costs and Liability

Insurance policies give you discounts for using a GPS Vehicle Tracking System and having a GPS Vehicle Tracker installed.

  • Having a GPS vehicle tracking system helps you reduce the factors that lead to accidents
  • Prevent theft by locating and tracking vehicles and trucks any time a day
  • Reduce your yearly insurance claims by encouraging safe driving through your GPS system

Increase Security and Prevent Theft

By monitoring speed limits and driving behaviors with our GPS system, you will keep your drivers and passengers on the road safe.

  • Receive useful alerts when your fleet is outside designated zones; Allowing you to protect your business from theft with real-time vehicle location detection and tracking
  • Recover stolen vehicles
  • Quickly identify poor performers

TSO Public Tracker for Passengers

The power of GPS Vehicle tracking is now in the passengers’ hands. This means a whole new public transportation and ridership experience.

  • Passengers will have access to view in real-time the location of the public transportation vehicles (buses, trolleys, etc.). This information together with information about routes and other monitoring tools will help passengers improve their public transportation experience, trust its reliability and increase ridership