Automated Passenger Counters -APC

The Automated Passenger Counters (APCs) system monitors passengers coming in and out of the vehicles through all doorways (Boarding & Alighting). The system provides direct access to useful information and reports for, Ridership, dispatching, schedule adherence, running time, productivity performance and administrative control.

  • Real Time Boarding & Alighting information
  • Improve passenger satisfaction by monitoring stops load
  • Dispatch vehicles efficiently based load peaks

Video Verification – MDVR

Get the full picture, Mobile DVR Systems are the ultimate tool to protect your operation, passengers and assets.

  • Download in real time video clips from GPS events
  • Get specific events, such as “Crash”, automatically downloaded into your email
  • Access Live View to monitor Drivers and overall security

Audio Visual Automated Announcer – AVAS

The automatic announcement system will keep passengers up-to-date about the vehicle’s location, routes and upcoming stops. This is a great benefit for both visually impaired and hearing challenged passengers.

  • ADA Compliant
  • Triggered by GPS Location
  • The AVAS system can be updated remotely or locally via USB stick.

On-Board Advertisement System- OBAS

The OBAS, is great to generate revenue for the entity by placing advertisement and be able to use some of this income towards the automation and improvement of the Public Transportation system.

  • Broadcast messages and advertisement from a centralized server to all screens at the same time
  • Specially design for transportation environments (vehicles)
  • More than 50.000 hours of service


The Anti Bunching Solution provided by TSO help the fleet management to flow with ease at the same time that provide the driver with a simple interphase that help them to identify when he is on the right path or Behind/Ahead of his comfort zone.

  • Maximize productivity in route
  • Improve your drivers’ performance
  • Create positive passenger perception

On Board – Wi-Fi


TSO Mobile’s Wi-Fi Hotspot is built for Machine to Machine (M2M) network allowing for enhanced local area wireless systems to communicate via the internet for passenger convenience and accessibility.

  • Provide Internet to your Passengers
  • Feed with internet connectivity to your on-board devices
  • TSO Wi-Fi can allow limit you access by topics or streaming size

Mobile Data Terminals – MDT

The TSO MDT with PT Driver® allows easy to use interface (GUI) for the driver. The PT PT Driver® will allow drivers to sign-in, do pre-inspection vehicle checks, receive updated routes, follow stops, adherence, and get information of other buses in the route.  The anti-bunching capabilities are embedded in the system.

  • Route adherence
  • Schedule and run selection
  • Vehicle announcer and destination signs management with one single sign-in